A Brief Description on Jeevalaya

Jeevalaya is an initiative of a good lay man, who donated his property for this project for the poor boys. He was compelled to break his schooling with 4th standard because of difficult family situation. He wanted to save at least 10 boys coming from such situations by providing them the possibility to do their schooling. The people of the locality have contributed generously for the building of the house. The community of Schoenstatt Fathers, a Marian Congregation with its regional house in Aluva, joined with them and took up the responsibility to run the project with the help of very many good hearted people. Jeevalaya started serving the poor boys in May 2011. The house has become a home for boys coming from poor and difficult family situations, like lose of one or both of the parents, separated parents mainly due to alcoholic problems, financially very poor family situations, etc. We send them to the nearby schools. The house can afford up to 25 boys.


Fr. Roy Vennookaran


E-Mail: fatherroysch@gmail.com