Education of individual care

Schoenstatt Academy is the parallel college of Schoenstatt Fathers, offers the students different university studies.  It is the one of the important aim of this pedagogical institute to give more individual care for the students. Fr. Biju Parapuram the Principal of the Schoenstatt College in Kuttur makes a special effort to accompany the students and the parents in their needs.


Karate for discipline!!

SALTT (Schoenstatt Academy for Life Transmission and Transformation) has been organizing a coaching for karate. Around 15 students were winners in different competitions conducted in school level and they attained various grades in Karate.


First Indian Silver Jubilee

Fr. Roy Venookaran, the first Indian Schoenstatt priest is celebrating his 25th priestly year of ordination. The jubilee year has begun on 2nd January, with lighting the Jubilee lamp and the Eucharist in Jeevalaya Boys’ Home where he is extending his service in supporting and caring to our children. He invited to accompany him in our prayers that he may be inwardly renewed with new spirit.