Kerala is facing its worst flood in 100 years. All of 14 district of the Kearala state is affected with heavy rain and flood. Around 80 are opened, some of them are over-flowing. Major reveres are over-flowing and the houses and the lands on the banks of rivers are under the waters. The region of Aluva is affected by the river Periyar. Some of our fathers’ families are also affected by the flood. They had to quit their homes. The high range region of Kerala is facing land-sliding. Most of the national high ways and many towns are under the waters.

Schoenstatt Flood-Relief Activities:

Fr. Jerin Choondal is assisting a flood-relief camp with his guidance. There are around 2000 people to whom the food and the drinking water are provided. Around 20 persons, including children who belong to his parish were killed by the land-slide.

Schoenstatt Fathers from Sion Center are extended their helping hand to the hungry by providing some bread. It is distributed through the local police station. Another box of food is given to a relief center managed by the local nuns.

Fr. Binesh Mankoottathil (in-charge of Schoenstatt Migrant Youth Ministry, Bangalore) and his youth group have collected food and other necessary things to be distributed to the needy.

Schoenstatt Fathers in Jeevalaya have offered the house for those who lost their homes. There is also a support to relief-camp set by the parish nearby.